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Ready for a New Year?

     The new year is here. Wait! I'm not done with the old year! Are you? I need a few more months to finish everything I started this year, plus there are tons of things that need to be done that I never even lifted a finger to start.

     This year I was going to organize my files to make life easy for my heirs when I pass along to the great beyond. All in one easy-to-reference folder with a clear, bulleted index. I'm not planning to pass along for a few decades yet, but you know, better early than not at all for getting things done. I cut out an article on organizing and read it over many times. I even bought the supplies at the office store in March—or thereabouts—and set up a few files. That's as far as I got.

     This year I was going to lose some pounds. I'm not telling you how many; you'll think I'm fat. I don't feel fat. The mirror reflects a non-skinny me, but not a fat me, either. One thing's for sure, I don't weigh close to what I weighed as a young'un—a young'un being one in her twenties…Which I'm not. There is an upside—I weigh just about what I weighed at the beginning of the year. Well… maybe a few pounds more.

     This year I was going to promote my book—our book, Paul's and mine. I spent most of the year not returning calls from all the marketing gurus who wanted to take my money and I spent almost none of the year going out and self-promoting our book. Think what I could do if I had a few more months. Prob'ly nothing.

     Good intentions. That, and procrastination. Not to mention excuses, which I'm really good at. Yep! I'm definitely not done with this year. I need to finish all this stuff before the new year slams in on me but then, the world isn't gonna stop just for me so maybe I should opt for hailing the new year with bravado and a big loud, “Yay! Finally I'll get something done!'

     Yeah. Said that last year. I cleverly did not make any resolutions last year. It didn't help the year before and besides, I know myself too well. So I can't say I broke all my resolutions and use that as an excuse not to make any this new year.

     Maybe I should just get things done. Period. And you know what? I did get some things done this year. The blue barrel chair that's been hiding its worn spots for years under an afghan is now sitting proudly in its new creamy-beige upholstery.  The broken patio umbrellas from years past alongside the house, the broken-apart canopy swing pieces and the box springs cluttering up the garage are all gone, thanks to the happy junk hauler guy.

     Color brightens up our house, now that I've replaced the two beige living room chairs with sunny yellow contemporary chairs. Don't tell, but the beige ones were a lot more comfortable. Oh well, you can't have everything.

     And we finally have a dining table in the “great room' that's the right size and in the right place, next to the bar stools. I didn't get the piano tuned. I did get the worn bedroom carpet replaced with wood laminate flooring.

     So. End of one year; beginning of a new one. Time to take stock and keep on living. I guess I'll be able to get along without the extra months, after all. How about you?

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