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Smile-breaks to Lighten Your Day

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From Paul

I've added a new addition to Smile-breaks: From Paul. Paul is my youngest son, who was born with cerebral palsy, Asperger’s syndrome and a unique way of seeing life. I’ve decided to share him with you from time to time through his own words.

Corona Virus

Kind'a makes you wish for a boring day
Masks on? masks off?
It's been a while
All of a sudden
Are your teeth too white?
     Whiter than white, those teeth
So good not to be the only one
Lessons learned during the pandemic
Appliances conspire to save me
A new year. . .
A quiet Christmas
An unexpected pandemic friend
A pandemic Thanksgiving
Busy days
C'mon down in the dumps with me
A perfect pandemic day
Afternoon delight
About those masks
The eyes have it
Are you joyful?
How dumb I am – was?
So there, Microsoft!
That'll teach me!
An exciting day
It's been a long haul
Online grocery shopping in the pandemic
Online pandemic shopping
A beautiful day
Passing the time
We’re all in this—six feet apart
What we took for granted


Plumb wrong!
About those friends
Once upon a time
This ol' house
Shoes in the news
Breaking through
Alarms in the night
As the Morton Salt Girl says...
Those darn survey questions
The microwave goes ballistic
Rule number one
How Many Pizzas?
Opening Up
Insert Part E into Part B
Clogged and Going Nowhere
Are You Organized?
A Leisurely Breakfast
Getting It All Out
Where’s the Coffee?
The Coffee was Hot
Let’s Go Cruisin’
Things Change...
Not Talking About Me…
A Few Stitches at the Emergency Room
The Glare Just About Knocked Me Over
Anyone Could Put it Together
The Elevators Go Up and Down
Is Your E-mail Like You?


The Chargers Make it to 2009
Not Easy Watching the Padres
Too Much Time Watching Football
The Padres Win, the Padres Lose
Curling Skeletons at the Olympics
You Gotta have a Nimble Thumb
A Quiet Ride Over the Dunes
Baseball ’n Bubble Gum
The Players Come and Go
Baseball in Another Era
Charger Season is Over
Football Stats are Clearly Lacking


Fresh squeezed orange juice?
Grab a banana
What? No See's chocolates?
I'm flossed
How's your cold doing?
Speaking of good intentions
Of straws, glasses and ice cubes
Flu's In; Hugging's Out
Trying the Hummus
To Coffee or Not to Coffee?
Those Beautiful Eyes
Caring for the Caregiver
Snooze News
Those Stickers on the Apples
Sea Salt?
Coffee and Chocolate or Mega Red Fish Oil?
Changing the Body Clock
Can’t Get Fried Eggs Off My Mind
Coming of Age (part one)
Coming of Age (conclusion)
Handling Portion Size
One Healthy Breakfast Bar
It’s Flexible and it Hugs Your Teeth…
Of Lice and Men and Other Things Healthy?
The Salt of the Earth has a Bad Rep
Have Another Gallon of Java
Opened My Mouth to Say Good Morning
Mostly I Forget About the Snapple
You Never Used to Have to Open an Apple
Ultimate Cheeseburger


Thankful for. . .?
To clarity...
A new year—new hopes
Ready for a New Year?
The Perils of Christmas Shopping
Where Did All the Turkeys Go?
So I Gave Up My Kindle
Tough Time, Lent
It's That Time Again
Bits and Pieces
Holiday Decorating
Around the Table
The End of Daylight Savings Time
I'll Tell You Mine if You'll Tell Me Yours
Thanks for What?
Here We Go Again…
Plastic Puts a Dent in Holiday Celebrations
Here Comes Christmas
Getting Together Isn’t Always Easy
The Best and Worst of Halloween
Perfectionism Goes Out with the Old Year
Month to Get Ready for Christmas
The Thankful Stuff is Small and Sweet
The Christmas Present
Holiday Decorating Takes a New Turn
My Pumpkin Doesn’t Gobble


Stimulating the Economy
Political Junkie Lost in Primaries
From Hanging Chads to Half-filled Ovals
Newspapers Tell You Everything
The Kerry Bush Branches Out
I Always Believe the Newspaper
Columnist Takes on the Energy Program
Am I Glad I’m Not a Political Columnist!
Tough Watching the News

More About Paul

Night calls
Traveler Paul 2019
Traveler Paul
God Unfiltered
Life is Not All Fun and Starbucks
At Starbucks with Paul
A Starbucks Kind of Day
Life with Paul After Surgery


After a hot summer’s day
Let's talk about . . .
Please – no more rain
Never on a Rainy Day
It Always Rains When –
Under the Umbrella
What Do You Do With a Wet Umbrella?
Sunshine’s In Again – Or Is It?
So Much Stuff in the Sky

Fun Getting Older

Perfectionism goes out the door
Just listen and nod
Finally, Believable Excuses
The Age of Discounts
Getting Old, Becoming Wise
Why It's Fun to Get Old
The Comfort Zone


The Eat More Diet
Diet Day
Works for Me…
National Unhealth Day
When it Comes to Losing Weight...
Calories Come, Calories Go...
Weight Loss Advice Comes Pouring In
Of Treadmills ’n Carbs
Low Carbs and Sneaky Scales
Just Checking Out the Abs

Zippers and other miscellany

Strange things happen in Elevators
Ears don’t wiggle
Lefties headed for extinction?
When time flies. . .
I saw the moon and the moon saw me
Whiling away the time in Starbucks
What I didn't tell you
The parting of the hairs
Larks and owls
If you're bored
Who's crazy now?
Hilariously funny
Cloud Watching
Putting It Off
Forks and Computers
Dangling Paper Clips
Five Hundred Smiles
Zippers Go Up... Zippers Go...
...and Don't Forget the Trash
Swine Flu Rules
Are You a Multi-tasker...?
Alarming Touches
Those Eraser Crumbs Get All Over
There's Junk Mail...
If You Lose Your Cell Phone, Call Me
My Ice Cubes Went Flying
Swap You Hours
It’s a Beautiful Watch
Dispense with the Roll Master
Meet Me for Lunch - When?
Simply Amazing What We Can Do
It’s All in the Greeting
My Brother-in-Law was Coming
Got Room for this in Your Pocket?
Aha! I found it!


And law number six is. . .
One person CAN
Bumbling Through
Little Things
Two Choices
Would You or Wouldn’t You?
When Things Go Wrong
It Feels Good to Laugh
It's Just My Opinion
Why Do We Do That?!
Gratitude Defies Analysis
Tomorrow's the Best Day
Trading Identities
Freeways Philosophies
Sometimes Don’t You Just Want To…
Naming Names Isn’t the Way to Go
Concrete ’n Jazz ’n Disney World


The dogs were getting older
I Yawn, You Yawn, the Dogs Yawn
I Wanted a "Dog" Dog
To Dog or Not to Dog...
You Gotta Admit – It’s a Mess!

Money & Taxes

In a TurboTax Minute
My Credit Union Would Never Do That!
Chasing Interest Rates
What’s Left to Cut?
No More Cash for Me
Quick! Cancel the Credit Cards!
VISA Knows More About Me Than I Do
Normally, I Just Pay the Electric Bill…
Part of Taxes not Electronicized
Are You Thinking About Taxes?

Roadtripping with Mis-Adventures

Mis-Adventures goes road-tripping
Mis-Adventures keeps on tripping
T-shirt saves the day
Mis-Adventures does it again
Lesson learned?


In the Weeds
An Evening Under the Stars
Resurrecting the Plumeria
Termites and Gophers
To Cover or Not?
Droughtscapes Take Over
This One's All Wet
This Time it’s Gophers
All My Flowers Died


Those Spying Eyes
Who's in Control?
Here We Come!
Letting the Air Out
Be Sure to Get Up Early
If I Get a GPS for My Car...
Time to Talk Freeways Again
And the Winner at the Gas Pump is…
Someone’s Messing with My Stuff
Speaking of Freeway Attractions
Must Be Trade-in Time
1-800 How’s My Driving?
There’s Chaos on the Freeways
Use the Valet Parking
Didn’t Want to Drive a Car With a Wail
The Turkeys Didn’t Have This in Mind…


The Great Cereal Hunt
Checking out the check-out lines
It's huge!
Checking out
If you want to save money -
Just One, Please
Checking Out
Oh Those Bags!
Online Buying
Free Shipping Costs Extra
Coupons - It's All in the Timing
Buying Online was So Much Easier...
I Never Fall for Those Advertising Ploys
Got the Washer
Life in the Line
Getting Catalogues Out of the Mailbox


Attack of the paper towels
The floor's moving!
Texter or talker?
Reading the book
Forgot My Phone!
What’ve We Got?
The Light Touch
Cable Problems
The Computer Whisperer’s Back in Town
The Evolution of Buttons
Don’t Touch the Computer!
Sometimes Humans are Faster
It’s Time for a New Remote Control
Running to Catch up with My Computer
No More High-tech Tantrums
Say Something, It Said, Say Anything
An iPod Installed in Your Jeans
Strange Rumors About Chatrooms
Cell Phone Covers Transform
New Software Hits Me Hard
Where Did All the Color Go?
My Computer Gets Along Just Fine
Spam’s No Problem
Laptop Joins Bears in Hibernation
Did I Turn Off My Cell Phone?


A journey of smells
Hey! That's my armrest!
Back in the desert
In the desert
Tripping away to the desert
Enjoy the Scenery
Explaining a Shovelbird
By the Time You Plan It, You'll Need It
I Should'a Known - Hotel Rates
Four Day Weekend Not So Relaxing
If You Ever Go to Pennsylvania
Airport Security is Wise to Grandma
Laptop Gets a Frisking
Best Time to Book a Flight
Relaxation at Hotel Thumpety Bump
Sure Glad I Bought Travel Insurance
Where’s the Pull-down Tray?
Weekend Flight to Yreka
Ipswich is Just Around the Corner
Dust Storms, Murder, a Flood...
The Elevator Doors Kept Opening
Tale of Shovelbird

How tos

How’d She Do That?
To Catch a Fly
How to Hug
    Readers Reactions to How to Hug
Making Peach Crisp


If You're Gonna Play Hooky
Focusing on the Task at Hand
Forgot a Few Things...
At the Copy Machine
My Files Aren’t Hanging Any More
It was Lost and Then it was Found
Friday the 13th

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