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Reader Comments

Paul's World...

"A tremendous read. I truly felt the joy radiating out of Paul when brother Craig took him to Starbucks on his first outdoor outing since the surgery. A truly inspirational story on many fronts. First, from Paul, as he seems to just roll with all the circumstances in which he is dealt. I especially appreciated reading about his solo bus trips to Disneyland and Universal Studies. Talk about seizing the day. Second, siblings Bryan, Craig, and Christy all making sure Paul's needs were met, and that he was included in everything. Sounds like Spouse's, Nieces and Nephews all help out as well. And Third, Mom, who has such a great sense of humor, and seems to have made sure that Paul knows how to have fun. I understand why he shouts out, "I love you mom, a whole, whole, whole Bunch!" Inspirational. I keep a handy set of Go-To books when I need a reminder that life is good, and we are all blessed. Thank you Paul and Sheila for being a strong reminder of that. I will keep Paul's World near by."
- Bruce Chase

"FANTASTIC READING - THIS IS A 5 STAR BOOK. This is one of the best book's I have read in a very long time. The day I received this book I started reading. The following day I finished it! IT IS ONE OF THE MOST INSPIRATIONAL I HAVE READ IN A VERY LONG TIME. I recommend it to anyone. It will aid you in realizing your life - my life - is truly not bad at all. Paul & his Mom and extended family have dealt with this problem of Paul's since his birth - and I admire so strongly how well they cope. I hope one day to have the great opportunity to meet Paul."
- Marjorie Bragg

"I loved this book and once I started to read it I never put it down. Loved Paul's outlook on life."
- Karen M. Wise

Time Outs for Grown-ups...

"It's a gem and I will highly recommend it to my friends. It brought laughter to my heart." 
- Betty Gallant, Maine resident

"I finished reading your book Time Outs for Grown-ups. It brought many a chuckle. I found myself nodding my head yes many times."
- M. Bragg, California resident

"A collection of brilliant and fun-filled Smile-breaks"
- Dee Dean, Editor, San Diego County Herald

"Sheila Buska's voice is fresh and familiar.  With a wink and a nudge she offers up those little daily frustrations that perturb us all and gets us to smile at both them and ourselves in the process."
- Sophfronia Scott, author of "All I Need to Get By"

Sheila's Columns...

I thought you’d like to hear what others think about hugging –

"I'll take any hug I can get! I'll give a few, too!"

"I think patting is almost an instinct to reassure the other person, kind of like confirmation of good to see you, happy to see you....pat-pat-patting away.
Just my two cents..."
– CR

"How to Hug," was so enjoyable… I caught myself smiling in amusement and wholehearted agreement as I read it this morning. How true!  I think the pat-pat is an indication of discomfort in the embrace and that the hugger or hugee is uncomfortable with the closeness for anything less than a quickie hug!
Of course, this is just my own theory, but I truly believe it to be true.  I catch myself pat-patting and when that happens, I say to myself, "Stop that, Carol- that's just not who you are," but, apparently, I too fall into that category of uncomfortable with the closeness and length of the embrace sometimes--or maybe I think the hugee may feel uncomfortable and I am merely consoling them!"
– CF

"My favorite hugs are bear hugs.  (My grandson) has great squeeze hugs.  All hugs are great."
- AS

"Your latest piece, "How to Hug," was so enjoyable and relatable that I caught myself smiling in amusement and wholehearted agreement as I read it this morning. I loved your piece, Sheila! What a wonderful way to start my day."
- Carol Figueroa

"I enjoyed your piece and I can all-too-easily relate to it at age 66!"
- Carol F.

"You said it all in most recent musing!  That is exactly where I am today toooooooooooooo! Wonderful feeling!"
- Marve and Mary G.

"I read your column and wonder how you can come up with such fun and interesting topics every week. You are amazing."
- Carlette Anderson

"I love your column!!  I am you, you are me… I guess there are a whole lot of us running around (in circles!!) out there ~ Just substitute "Hanukkah" for "Christmas" in your article and it would be me."
- Debbie Sandler, Smile-breaks e-mail subscriber

"I don't know if I was laughing more at the article or at myself for doing exactly as you describe."  
- Jerry Mosier, Program Director, El Cajon Highway Lions Club

"Sheila's vignettes are always an enjoyable 'Gatorade' break in what's usually a hectic, not-enough-time, kind of day.  They always bring a smile."
- Ralph Rubio, Co-founder of Rubio's Restaurants

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