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Masks on? masks off?

      Masks on, masks off, who's to know? It felt so good to rip off the mask and jog merrily into Rite-Aid or Kohls or whatever your store of preference is. To join the family at a 30th birthday party—maskless! To go to church and see all your friends, free of The Mask.

      Whoa!  That didn't last long, did it? Or did it? Darn Delta variant. Darn—um, I won't say it. So now we’re back behind our masks. Or are we? Fully vaccinated? No mask. . .

      Except, um, would be better to put it on if you're indoors with lots of people. Would be okay to leave it off and go full-faced, open for the world to see that charming smile of yours, if you and all with you are FV, i.e., Fully Vaccinated. 'Course you don’t know if they are. Private matter, none of your business. ?? Maybe it is. Or maybe just put the mask on, play it safe.

      You know what? I think I'll make this a short one. We’ve heard enough about masks and mask-wearing or mask-not-wearing to last a lifetime. So I’ll leave it at that and wish you the best and if you've gotta wear a mask, make it a pretty one. Or a funny one. Or a stud-ly one. Whatever. See you 'round!

Before you go, here’s a From Paul to polish off your day with a smile.

From Paul:
Paul has a sweet tooth, and chocolates are definitely included. . .
Paul:  How was Biden’s speech?
Mom: It was really good. He talked about getting jobs for everyone and making things in America—like the windmills. They make them in China. Biden said we should be making them in America and he said we should only buy things made in America.
Paul:  What about Swiss chocolate?

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