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Lesson learned?

     I pulled out my key fob and scampered to the door, trying to look dignified. I had just ordered lunch at the Broken Yolk. At the opened door, I aimed the fob at my car parked a slight distance away, and pressed the lock button. Sheesh! This new habit is harder than I thought.

     On my road trip I locked my keys in the car, not once—twice! Not a good thing. And I can't say I've never done it before. Just ask Triple A. So-o-o . . It's time for a change. Time to pay attention to what my son told me a long time ago, in that patient, son-telling-mother tone, that he always locks his truck with his key fob. "AFTER I get out, Mom." Rubbing it in a little, he adds this nugget of information, that I did not need, by the way: he has never—not once!—locked his keys in his truck.

     Well, this is going to take some doing. If I'm going to adopt his never-lock-the-keys-in-the-car method, I'll have to form a new habit. And you all know how hard that is!

     I had it down pat before. Been doing it for years. Tuck my keys in purse so I don't forget them; press the lock button that's right by my fingertips as I climb out of the car. Done.

     It's been a month now and I still haven't got the knack. Half the time I put my keys in my purse before I remember I'm not s'posed to, so I have to pull them back out and grip them in my hand as I climb out. And oops! I touched the lock on my way out. So I touch it again to unlock it so I can lock it AFTER I get out. You'll never guess what the hardest part is, though. That's why I was running to the door of Broken Yolk that day. Because after I'm out of the car, keys in hand, I'm supposed to hit the lock button on the key fob to—you know,—lock the car.

     I've been doing it my way for so long because it's easier. Three steps: key in purse, press lock button, step out of car. Done. His way: key in hand, purse in other hand—hopefully you don't have anything you need to take out of the car 'cause both hands are occupied—step out of car, lock doors with key fob, put keys in purse or pocket. And that part about not pressing the lock button as you get out of the car: the button is right there where you can hardly NOT touch it as you get out. I do it without even thinking.

     Maybe that's the problem—not thinking. Anyway, I'm starting to get it right now. Kind of. At least I know when I'm doing it wrong. A couple of times I remembered and actually held onto the key fob and jerked my finger away from the lock button before I sinned again. So proud of myself, I shut the door, and presto! Locked the car with the key fob! From the outside!

     The other day, at the Broken Yolk, I was so proud of remembering "the proper way" to lock a car, I got out of the car, gave myself a high five and walked proudly across the parking lot to the restaurant. Comfortably settled in a booth, I ordered lunch. And that's when I jumped up and scampered to the door to aim my key fob at my unlocked car. I had done everything right except, um, I forgot to lock the car after I got out.

     Who knew there was so much involved in locking a car? I still say my way was better. 

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