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Here We Come!

     Let's go to Starbucks. It's a sunny, warm day—not too hot, not too busy. How about let's go to the new one over by Avocado and Highway 94?

     Sounds good. Let's do it!

     The drive over is non-spectacular, just a boring ride along Chase Avenue—no earthquakes, sudden downpours or police chases. Glad you're along for company. The other route, Jamacha to Brabham to Furay, is the more scenic route, but at two-thirty in the afternoon elementary, middle and high schools are dispensing backpack-laden students by the droves, the roadside littered with SUVs holding impatient moms and dads waiting for their little ones and big ones to race over and hop in. Here's Avocado; have to take a left here. We ease into the left-turn lane and wait for the green arrow.

     Oh I just remembered. I have to stop at the ATM at the credit union. Okay with you? Thanks. Just have to deposit this check and get a little cash. The parking lot's deserted. Is the credit union closed? No matter. The ATM's always open. I'll just be a minute.

     Shoot! The ATM spit out the check. Not acceptable, it said. Oh, well...  I got my cash—good thing that was working. I'll see if they're open and take the check inside.

     They were open, took the check no questions asked and everyone was so glad to see a human being, even though it was just me and I wasn't taking out a loan or donating to their charity of the month, that they wished me a wonderful day and smiled at me and wished me a wonderful day again and asked if there was anything else they could do for me and wished me a wonderful day again and...

     Okay. Starbucks time. What are you getting? I'm thinking a caramel Frappuccino but I should get an iced tea. Calories, you know. The couple ahead of us is almost done. Oh, no—she's done; he's waiting for something. Older couple. He turns and smiles like he just came from the credit union and wants to wish me a wonderful day, or because he doesn't want me to get impatient. His twinkling blue eyes go well under his head of white hair. I'll be patient.

     He's done. What was it you wanted? I'm going for the caramel Frappuccino. Let's sit over there in those comfy tweed and leather chairs with the rolled arms that reach around to hug you. All the tables are taken; we'll just have to relax and sip. No working on computers today.

     Ooohh, the Frappuccino looks delicious: a huge swirl of white whip poking out of the domed plastic lid with the hole on top. Tastes even better than I thought it would. How's your green tea?

     Nope. I don't feel guilty about the Frappuccino. I only got the Tall and if I'd gotten the zero-calorie iced tea, I'd have had to get one of those yummy lemon loaf slices or a chocolate chip cookie or one of those blueberry scones to go with it and that would rack up more calories than a tall Frappuccino. No? Well, too late now. The Frappuccino's half gone. No way they'll take it back.

     That was nice. Let's do this again. Maybe I'll get an iced tea next time...     

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