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Busy days

     Suddenly my days have become busy. Busy doing—um, nothing. I'm so busy doing nothing I haven't been writing or posting Smile-breaks lately. My days go by with a cup of coffee here, a short walk around the yard there and thoughts of what else I could be doing.

     Pay my estimated taxes. Okay, that's done. Feed the plants that are due for their bi-weekly nourishment. Order the groceries. Wait for them to be delivered so I can put them away. Have the cushions made for the rockers on the front porch. The seats are non-conforming to normal cushion sizes—independent rascals!  I look forward to adding color to my porch. A medium blue, if you were wondering.

     Help Paul get that pesky left sock on. Read a little on my Kindle. Get up off the chair and walk around the yard to stretch those muscles. What are you doing? Hope it's something more fun than unloading the dishwasher or putting in a load of laundry. But what can we do?

     Vote! That will take a little time, reading all the propositions. Not what you'd normally call fun, but at least it's something to occupy the mind for a bit.

     Eat! Not too much. Gotta eat at home, or—confession here—sometimes when Paul's sleeping in the evening and Christy's home with him, I drive up to Taco Bell, order my favorite bean burrito with a senior drink, Mountain Dew, and park in an out-of-the way spot by Rite-Aid. Open the windows, leave the radio on or get out my handy Kindle and read while I enjoy the texture and flavor of food.

     Oh! We're out of Kleenex. I'll pop into Rite-Aid and get a couple of boxes. Exciting? No. But gets me off the seat and out into the world. With a mask on my face. Don't forget the mask. Gotta get over this thing!

     Back at the car, take off the mask. Whew! Breathing normally again. Head for home. Take the long route on the back road; turn up the symphony, or the 50's music, or maybe country music's good tonight.

     Nice ride. Home again to do some more nothing. Hallmark's got a new movie on, which reminds me Susie's birthday's coming up. Obvious connection, yes? Not really, but it gives me something to do besides sit down again. See's Candy has some good offerings and they'll take it right to Susie's door for me.

     Candy ordered. How about some Halloween treats for the kids? See? I'm really busy. Huh. Busy doing not much of anything. I should've posted a Smile-breaks but I didn't. Too busy with other stuff. Or too lazy. Or not motivated enough. Take your pick.

     So now I'm breaking the spell. A loyal reader bugged me about my absence so, for him, I'm writing a brand-new Smile-breaks. Thanks, Will! Better than watching the news. ‘Cept I don't have anything to say.

     Sure I do! Paul started physical therapy yesterday with a therapist he had once before and really likes. If Paul doesn't really like a therapist, you can forget the whole thing. Fortunately he was assigned to Dan, whom he says is awesome. With Paul it's either "awesome," or "I don't like him/her"—and no therapy. So now I get to remind Paul to do his exercises and help him where he needs help. Plus I get to take him to therapy once a week for a while.

The loveseat stuffing got reinforced this week, so that's good. No more sagging. The election's coming up—fingers crossed. Online church mass is helping. Funny thing, I concentrate way better without all the people in the pews in front of me and beside me. You know how your mind wanders, thinking about them, noticing the new haircut or watching the little boy sneakily poking his brother.

     Had enough of my nothingness? I'll let you go so I can get back to my not-busy life—and you can get back to yours.

     Stay well -

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