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Readers Reactions to How to Hug

"I'll take any hug I can get! I'll give a few, too!"

"I think patting is almost an instinct to reassure the other person, kind of like confirmation of good to see you, happy to see you....pat-pat-patting away.
Just my two cents..."
– CR

"How to Hug," was so enjoyable… I caught myself smiling in amusement and wholehearted agreement as I read it this morning. How true!  I think the pat-pat is an indication of discomfort in the embrace and that the hugger or hugee is uncomfortable with the closeness for anything less than a quickie hug!
Of course, this is just my own theory, but I truly believe it to be true.  I catch myself pat-patting and when that happens, I say to myself, "Stop that, Carol- that's just not who you are," but, apparently, I too fall into that category of uncomfortable with the closeness and length of the embrace sometimes--or maybe I think the hugee may feel uncomfortable and I am merely consoling them!"
– CF

"My favorite hugs are bear hugs.  (My grandson) has great squeeze hugs.  All hugs are great."
- AS

And then I got an unexpected big hug from an old friend across the country this morning!

So go out and give someone a hug – however you want to do it! And here’s a big hug to all of you from me.


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