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Why Do We Do That?!

     I decided to buy a tall slim charcoal grey vase for my office, very professional. I walked into the shop to do just that. I walked out of the shop with a lime green swervy thing.

     Why do we do that? Why do we know exactly what we want and then change our minds? About two years ago I knew I should sell what stocks we had. They were riding high and how greedy could I get? Time to cash in. Did I do it? Nope. I thought of all those taxes I’d have to pay on the gains and changed my mind - left those stocks right where they were, safe in my account.

     Yeah. Safe in my account. They’re still there - worth a third of what they were when I decided not to sell them and losing value by the minute. The financial wiz’s say if I hold them for another twenty years, they’ll probably regain most of their value. Seems like a long time to me. And what’s this “most of” business?

     And then there are those things we know exactly what we want to do and we don’t. Do them, that is. I plan to put in a gorgeous flower garden at the end of the driveway to welcome family and friends. I can just see what it looks like. Been planning it for years. I guess I expect it to magically appear, because I sure haven’t done it. And it hasn’t appeared yet. The shovel and the yard waste barrel are waiting at the top of the driveway. I’ll do it soon as I have lots of time and energy - and money for the topsoil and flowers. That’d be when my stocks regain their value…

     Clothes. I lost a few pounds. Need to buy clothes that don’t sag, slip down. Need to get clothes to wrap me in form-fitting fashion. Dream on. I was going to do that last weekend and the weekend before, too. Haven’t done it yet. I know exactly what I need – beige slacks, black skirt. Wow. This doesn’t sound overwhelming, does it? Maybe a fuchsia scarf to perk things up?

     One thing I did do the minute I thought of it was to shut off the e-mail announcer that kept popping up on my computer screen. And that was exactly what I wanted to do. But was it? Now I’m thinking I’ll turn it back on. How come? Why would you do that? Well - I missed the e-mail at work announcing the upcoming fire drill. I was totally out of the know when the fire alarm went off. That fire alarm shrieks like you wouldn’t believe and if you’re not expecting it, it causes a serious stoppage of the entire biological system. If I’d read that e-mail I would’ve covered my ears at precisely ten-fourteen and saved my entire biological system.

     I also missed the conference call. Didn’t check my e-mail the day before and since I didn’t have the e-mail announcer turned on, I didn’t know the call was set for two o’clock the next day. Would have been okay – except I was the one who insisted we have a conference call.

     The lime green vase? It won my heart – perfect for perking up the dull gray and brown office. Much better than charcoal grey professional. I’ll take it to work Monday and set it by the phone, but first I have to get some flowers to put in it. I’ll get them this weekend. I know exactly what I want.

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