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You're prob'ly a lot smarter than I am and have never done anything like this –


     I'm driving along Lexington Avenue. Just left home after ordering a few little trinkets—sorry, that's a word my great-uncle Stanley liked to use and I loved my Uncle Stanley—from Amazon for my daughter-in-law's birthday. I was especially thrilled with the emerald birthstone necklace I ordered her, along with the wine mug and aromatherapy bracelet. Everything was due to arrive tomorrow, two days before her birthday.

     So I'm driving along, glad that's taken care of, looking forward to getting the rain splotches and generous bird-gifts off my once-clean car at Crystal Clean Car Wash when—

     Uh-oh! No! I didn't! Oh my gosh. How stupid! It's April!!! Her birthday's in April. That is not an emerald month. Worse to say. . . May is the emerald month—that's MY birthday month. How self-centered can you be?  I mean, can I be? The necklace is due to arrive tomorrow so I'm pretty sure it's too late to go back to Amazon and change my order. Can't you just picture me sitting at her party in front of all the relatives trying my best to explain why I got her a May birthstone necklace?

     Desperation leads to action. The minute after I leave my car in the good hands of the car wash people, pay for the Deluxe Wash with Pina Colada scent, and sit down in the shaded area, I pull out my phone. I go straight to g-mail. Sure enough, Amazon has confirmed my order. Already. It will arrive tomorrow. What to do? I click on the link to view my order. Maybe, maybe I can fix the error of my ways. Not holding my breath.

     Well, actually I was, but as it turned out, Amazon is quite accommodating. I can cancel my order or, lucky for me, part of it. The emerald part. But I can't change from an emerald birthstone to an April birthstone. Quick thinker that I am—or try to be—I figure I'll cancel the emerald and then I can order the same necklace with the right—April—birthstone. But will it get here in time? Who knows? Anyway, it's worth a try.

     I cancel the emerald but I cannot find the same necklace with the April birthstone so I browse. After a lot of browsing, a white diamond necklace comes into view. Kind'a pretty and it claims to be the April birthstone. I guess it's not a real diamond, or maybe a tiny, tiny one, because it's within my budget. I order it.

     And then I remember I forgot to check when it would arrive. I run back and check. Whew! Promised delivery date is one day before her birthday. Of course we all know how that goes—the day before it's supposed to arrive an e-mail will pop into my e-mail box and announce the delivery date has been changed. The new date is not likely going to be before the original delivery date. At least, that's never happened to me. Not in my entire Amazon-shopping lifetime.

     Fingers crossed, the necklace will arrive in time for the birthday party on Sunday and I will have survived another of life's great tragedies.  

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