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Tomorrow's the Best Day

     I’m gonna do it tomorrow. I meant to do it today but after breakfast the phone rang and I was late to work and at work I couldn’t do it because it’s a personal thing and so I was going to do it last night when I got home but when I got home there was a letter for me and after I read it I completely forgot I was going to do it.

     I went to bed and then I remembered. So I figured I’d do it tomorrow, but when I got up it was today.

     That’s what I love about tomorrow. It’s always coming; it’s never here. Yesterday’s gone – too late to fix it. Today’s so busy I never have time to do all the things I’d planned. Lucky there’s tomorrow. That’s when everything gets done. That’s when everything happens.

     If it doesn’t rain today, it’ll probably rain tomorrow. If I forgot to plant the flowers, I can plant them tomorrow. I did forget to plant the flowers and today wasn’t tomorrow but I did it anyway. Went straight out to the planter after breakfast, got a shovel, dug a hole and planted the flowers that were uprooted last week by Stumpbuster when he ground up the trunks of the trees he cut last fall. Last fall he said, “I’ll grind the trunks tomorrow.” Sure glad he didn’t wait until tomorrow ’cause as you know, tomorrow hasn’t come yet.

     Our Christmas tree is still waiting for tomorrow. Thank goodness it’s an artificial one. We finally got the decorations boxed and stored in the garage, but the tree is still waiting. This weekend it joins the decorations for sure. No more tomorrows for this tree. Jiminy. I shouldn’t have told you this. Embarrassing.

     And then there’s the policy I’m s’posed to write up for work. Was going to do it last month, but last month ended yesterday and the policy’s still in scribbles on five or six scraps of paper. Not quite ready for presentation. They want it Tuesday - two days after tomorrow. But tomorrow never comes so we don’t have to hurry, do we?

     Darn! I wish it worked that way. Of course, I could go to the meeting and say, “Oh! I thought you wanted it tomorrow.” I’ve heard that done before. Not by me - of course! - but by some pretty big big-wigs.

     So that’s why I love tomorrow. It’s the best day of the year. It’s the best day of my life, matter of fact. Tomorrow’s when I do all those things I never got done; tomorrow’s when I win the lottery. Unh-uh. Have to buy a ticket in order to win. Oh well. Tomorrow’s when I’m going to New York City for a week; tomorrow’s when the Chargers win the Super Bowl. Oops. That’s next year, not tomorrow.

     Tomorrow’s when our house is the decorator’s dream house; tomorrow’s when I eat a pound of chocolate and don’t gain an ounce because that’s the day I work out for four hours and eat only fruits, nuts and whole grains. Maybe I don’t love tomorrow quite so much.

     But that’s okay. It isn’t here yet and I don’t expect it for a while. I think Congress should make all legislation effective tomorrow. They like to stretch it out five or ten years and “phase it in” but all that wouldn’t be necessary if they’d just make it effective tomorrow. And the weather people would be a lot safer if they’d predict the weather for tomorrow instead of for Monday and Tuesday and “by next week.”

     Gotta go – see you tomorrow! Um, make that next Wednesday.

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