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We're all in this—six feet apart

     I guess you're all doing pretty much what I'm doing since the shelter-in-place, social distancing orders came down from above. The weather isn't helping a whole lot, what with the dismal gray days between a few sunny ones. Boy! Do I appreciate those sunny days!

     So now I'm sitting at home talking to you. I just got off the phone with my sister-in-law and before that with my sister. Keeping each other company the best we can. Today is my sister's birthday. Smart gal! She's postponing it! Says that way she won't get a year older for a while.

     My daughter-in-law texted to tell me she's sending flowers to brighten our day. I can't wait! A colorful bouquet of blossoms to cheer us. And she's the one on the frontlines, working long hours and days at the hospital. My sister-in-law just told me she'll drop off a six-pack of toilet paper at our front door tomorrow. Her sister got extra for her. I don't know which gift I'm more excited about.

     Both, actually.

     How about you? I'm trying to keep in touch with my friends and family, especially those who are stuck at home alone. My phone has been used more for actual voice calls—versus text—in the last few days than usual. A text isn't good enough anymore, though it's still good for certain things, and it's better than no phone call. I try to call at least one person a day—it's good for me and I hope it's good for them.

     My backyard has seen more of me than it cares to. My potted plants are looking up and saying, "You again?!" and I'm desperately looking for new leaves or unfurled blossoms to justify my fifth trip out to the yard. Feels so good to be outside the "shelter."

     Paul perks up when I say, "We'll go cruising soon as Christy gets home." "And get my mocha?" he asks. Probably not. Starbucks has pretty much closed down its stores, including most drive-throughs. Getting out to the car and cruising around our favorite places with the music from Sirius playing gently.

     Forget that! Paul is not about to listen to quiet, soothing music. For him it's all about ENTHUSIASM—which means, volume up, even on love songs. Especially on love songs. He belts them out, knows every word. And then there's the Mary Poppins CD with Supercalifragil—you know the one. That one—he reaches over to turn the volume wa-a-a-y up, ready to belt it out along with Mary.

     Trick—I have this handy dandy volume control on my steering wheel. I furtively press the down pad once or twice, enough to spare my ears but not enough for him to catch on. Ha! Who am I kidding? He doesn't miss a trick. But he lets it go—as long as I don't turn it down more than an infinitesimal amount.

     I'll end this by saying I am so grateful to have Paul and Christy living here with me. Without them this would be ten times harder to get through. And I have you. I hope each of you has someone in your home with you, and if not, I hope all your friends and family are calling you so many times a day you haven't a minute to yourself.

     Love and prayers to all—you're in my heart, you're in my thoughts.

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