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As the Morton Salt Girl says...

     I ran into the patio screen door and knocked it off its track just enough so it's off-kilter. For now it's safely all the way open and on track—mostly. You just can't move it back and forth except from the outside and then you have to be really careful. That was Wednesday.

     Friday morning the shower rod crashed into the tub and landed at a diagonal to the tiles. So much for my shower. Nothing broke but I'd have to get the step-stool and put the rod back up. That takes a while—the tension rod always loses tension just when I have the thing in place, or one end of the rod slips down and I have to slide it back up and quick tighten the tension enough to make it stay before it slips down again. Always takes at least five or six tries.

     Then the strangest thing happened on Saturday. . . I walked into the bedroom and a long white board lay on the carpet, right below the window. I hadn't heard anything. No crash, no thump. Where did this come from? I went over for a closer look. I picked up the six-foot long board and turned it over. Hmmm. Looks like crown molding. I looked up and surveyed the ceiling. All the crown molding was in place—no six-foot long gaps.

     Looking all around, I found it! The headrail on the wood blinds was exposed. Could it belong there? I hadn't realized the wood blinds had a crown molding valance in addition to the molding around the window. I found little pieces of clear plastic in the crease in the back of the molding. They appeared to be broken and apparently they'd been holding the valance in place—until now. I found them on Amazon after trying the new hardware store in town and they came in yesterday.

     Monday Christy came home after work and asked if I'd seen the leak out front. I hadn't. "There's water all over the sidewalk," she told me. Sure enough, water was running out from under the rosemary groundcover, flooding the sidewalk. I stuck my hand down into three inches of rosemary and felt around but I couldn't find anything leaking.

     When my son called later that evening I asked if he could come fix the leak when he had a minute. As soon as I hung up I realized I shouldn't have bothered him in the middle of a work-week about a little leak so I called "my sprinkler guy." He came out Tuesday. There was no leak. Not that he could find anyway, because of course it didn't leak when he was there. I told him I'd watered an extra time due to the heat. Aha! He said if the ground was saturated from all my watering, the excess water would flow to the lowest spot in the yard—which is exactly where the water had flooded.

     For the past week the kitchen sink faucet has been wobbly. It wobbles around wherever it wants to go so you have to hold it down with one hand while you turn on the water with the other. I ordered a new one even though there's nothing wrong with the old one—other than that it has the wobbles and that thing under the sink that holds it in place keeps coming loose. The new one should come today.

     The Morton Salt Girl got it right all those years ago in 1911 when she came up with her slogan, "When it rains, it pours." It's pouring at my house. I hope yours is dry.

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