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Best to Check the Calendar Before You Play Hooky

     It backfired. Not my car. My day. I had to go for a blood test first thing in the morning and it was Friday so I figured, hey! maybe I won’t go to work afterwards. Maybe I’ll drive off to anywhere I want and do whatever I want. All day long. Wouldn’t that be great?

     First thing that backfired was me. I wasn’t going to tell anyone, but then I went and told the guy who welcomes me home every night. In case he called and I was off somewhere gallivanting. But now I felt obligated to go home after the blood test and take off from there.

     The vampire blood-letter at the lab was super fast. She loves her job and boy, is she good at it. By the time she sticks you and tells you the latest blood happenings, you’re done. So that wasn’t so bad. But when I got home, the guy who normally does these things told me my dad called and needed a ride to the doctor’s office. This morning. Well, here I was, free and available and he’s my dad, so sure, I’ll take him.

     The part at the doctor’s office was fine. They took him right in and let him right out. They also gave him a prescription, so we stopped at Longs Drugs on the way home. Dad got out of the car. I stayed in. But then I decided I should go with him and got out. We got the prescription and came out to the car. We didn’t get in. Can’t get in without keys. They were in the car. Right where I left them.

     Luckily I had my cell phone. Luckily the guy who normally does the driving was home and had a set of spare keys. Luckily home was less than a mile. Luckily it wasn’t pouring rain. But still… It was my day to play hooky and it was almost noon.

     Next stop, Seven-Eleven. Dad got out. I got out. With my car keys. Dad likes the sandwiches and little “donettes” at Seven-Eleven and it was almost lunch time so he bought his lunch stuff and then I drove him home. And then I drove me home. To finish playing hooky.

     My BlackBerry jangled just as I pulled into the garage. It was the guy who does the driving. He said my dad wondered if I’d mind bringing him his lunch back. Dang! The sandwich and donettes were still in my car.

     So back I went. Dad smiled cheerily as he reached in the car to retrieve his lunch. Told me he was old enough to be excused for forgetting - but me? No excuse for me. I was still young. Honest – that’s what he said.

     Around two o’clock I went to Starbucks to relax with a good book. I was there less than an hour – it got kind’a boring - and soon as I got home, my son needed a ride. If I’d been at work, the guy would’ve taken him, but I was home and he was my son and so I took him.

     One thing, if you’re playing hooky, you gotta chuck your BlackBerry. I spent all day not looking at messages about complications at work. I told myself I’d take care of everything on Monday. I was playing hooky and that’s serious stuff.

     By five o’clock that evening, I realized I was looking forward to Monday. After my day of playing hooky, I was ready. Come Monday, I was going to leave the driving to the guy who always does that. And one other thing: next time I play hooky, it’s not going to be on Friday the 13th.

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