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Why It's Fun to Get Old

     Sure is fun, this getting old! "What?!!!" you say. Well, one great thing is retirement. You get to re-tire, put new wheels on and live off the fine rep you've earned—or not earned. You get to choose life in the fast lane or life in the slow lane or both. All those years going to school, raising a family, working 40 hours a week, being on time or feeling guilty not being on time, worrying about paying your bills or deciding what to do with that extra money. That's done 

     So here I am. Retired and having fun getting old. At first I was bored a bit, but that's okay. After all that work and pushing myself to be perfect—no laughing, please—it's okay to be totally bored for a few days. But the boredom isn't gonna nlast. One thing about God—where there's a vacuum, he fills it. No consultations. You don't get to pick.

     A good God would have given me nights out on the town, dancing with a most charming fellow, sipping on a glass of Chardonnay; traveling around the world—but no cruises, thank you. I would get totally FAT! All that food and me averse to exercise of any kind. Nope, cruises are out. Flights across country or to Europe with my Kindle in my hand and a seat partner most handsome to chat with or a gal who agrees with me about everything—now that will do just fine. A few road trips now and then. Toss in plays and concerts with my friends and family. . .

     That's not what the good God gave me. Nope. He filled my vacuum with a role quite new to me—a 24/7 caregiver. If you've read the book my son and I collaborated on, Paul's World, you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, please do; it's available at my website, and at Barnes & Noble and and End of commercial. Meanwhile, Paul has mild cerebral palsy but he recently had to have serious neck surgery; thus the new caregiver role for his mom.

     There was some tough going, but the going's getting easier. I'm content, happy and moving on—without the world travel or nights on the town. Not even a charming fellow in sight—well, several, but they're all hitched. I didn't get the good God's vacuum-filler; I got the wise, loving, best-ever God's vacuum filler.

     Paul still needs a twenty-four hour mom but we're both sleeping through the night and we have plenty of free time during the day; time to feast my eyes on the myriads of pink flowers blooming on rhaphiolepis bushes lined up along the wood fence behind the pool; time to smile at the odd little critters peeking out from between the vines and bushes—plastic and styrofoam critters with big round eyes that shine when the sun goes down; time to enjoy a crisp slice of cinnamon raisin toast with a steaming cup of coffee before Paul wakes up and needs help getting dressed and into his wheelchair.

     I get to watch everyone else get older while I stay young at heart in body and soul. I figure the best-ever God's plan is to keep me good and healthy so I can take care of Paul as long as he needs me. Believe me, I'm enjoying that! Tomorrow I'll tell you another reason it's fun to get old. Maybe you have a few yourself…

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