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Can’t Get Fried Eggs Off My Mind

     I’ve been thinking about fried eggs a lot lately. Bet you have been, too. Well, maybe not all of you. Anyway, this isn’t about nutrition or diets or healthy eating. This is just about fried eggs.

     I like my eggs scrambled soft or fried over medium, but this isn’t about scrambled eggs. This is just about fried eggs.

     Far as I’m concerned, the only way to eat a fried egg is over medium. That’s assuming everyone gets it right, starting with the waiter. “OM,” not “OEasy” or “OHard.” And continuing with the cook. We don’t want any of that milky white stuff leaking out of the edges of the yolk. And the yolk better be puddling in a thick sort of way.

     I had the best fried egg ever, up at the Golden Acorn Casino. Tasted like it came straight from the farm that morning. Full of flavor, a really tasty egg, yolk and all. Something to rave about - ’specially when you think about those fried eggs that taste like paper with yellow glue.

     After the first taste of that egg, I sat up straight in my chair. “Wow! This tastes like an egg! It has lots of egg flavor!” Up ’til then I hadn’t really thought about egg flavor, but now I was experiencing it with great delight.

     The guy I was eating with looked a little surprised at my outburst, but how often do you get to taste a really fresh, really flavorful fried egg? Nothing since has quite measured up to it. I’ve had a few that came close and I’m hoping for more.

     The foods you eat with your fried egg have to be compatible. If you dip, toast is required. Buttered toast, not jammed toast. As you dip the corner of the toast into the yolk, the melted butter drips off the toast and flows into the egg yolk. I prefer white toast. It doesn’t interfere with the flavor of the yolk. But wheat toast is fine if it makes you feel better about eating something fried.

     Maybe some of you like your fried eggs over hard. I’m wondering, what do you do with your toast? And don’t you miss savoring the thick yellow yolk as it slides over your tongue? Dried yolk taste doesn’t do anything for me, but if you like it, well that’s okay.

     And over soft? Whoa! I send those back to be fried some more, but if you like the runny whites mingling with the flowing yolk, that’s your prerogative. Sunny side up – we won’t even talk about that.

     What about those people who only eat the whites? Or is it the yolks? I forget. How could an egg exist without both of its essential parts? How could an egg eater ignore fifty per cent of the egg? I’ll have a fried yolk?

     That one egg at the Golden Acorn convinced me: the fried egg is a delectable food to be savored at break of dawn. Or at the end of the day. I really should go get some nutritional facts if I want you to substitute fried eggs for chocolate this year. That’s what this is all about, you know. Protein instead of cocoa butter and sugar. Hold on a minute…

     Ohmigosh! I thought I was crazy, writing about fried eggs. When I Googled fried eggs, I found fried egg posters and fried egg books and a fried egg song and I never got to the nutrition part, but I told you this wasn’t about health or nutrition or diets – it’s just about fried eggs.

     Here’s hoping I’ll see you one of these days at the Golden Acorn Casino at the crack – no pun – of dawn. Maybe we can split a fried egg…

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