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Philosophies Run Rampant on the Freeways

     I was cruisin’ home from work minding my own business when I saw it. I would’ve stopped dead, but I would’ve been dead if I stopped, so I just stared at the back of the Ford Expedition.

     Me, I always planned to live forever. Well, maybe not that long, but at least a hundred or so years. And I’ve always thought life on Planet Earth was pretty good, if you don’t count trips to the dentist (sorry, guy) and tax season and a few other things you’d prob’ly rather not think about, so I won’t bring them up.

     The statement so brazenly pasted on the – okay, it was stenciled in silver letters, right smack in the middle of the rear window… It threw me for a loop. Got me thinking. I’m still thinking.

     In the middle of the statement was a sassy silhouette of a gal – a little too tall and racy to be an exact replica of the driver in the front seat. But then, maybe not… I didn’t really get a good look at the driver.

     The silver capital letters declared: “I’M HERE FOR A GOOD TIME.”

     Well, that’s okay by me. But there was more. Smaller letters continued, “not for a long time.” Which got me thinking. Why NOT for a long time? Why leave while you’re having fun? Can’t you hang around and have a whole lot of good times?

     Next thing you know, I’m wondering if I haven’t been having a good enough time all these years. If I had, I’d surely be dead by now. So that’s the question. Is it better to have a sort of a good time for a LONG TIME? Or to have a GOOD TIME for a short time?

     I was still mulling this over - “good and short” over “blah and long” - when I discovered that life philosophies are running rampant all over our freeways. And a few surface streets, too. ’Cause the very next day I ran into – according to the curlicued letters on her rear window - a SICILIAN PRINCESS, in a red Honda CRV flying down Highway 94. Well, almost ran into her, trying to figure out which country’s flag was stuck in the corner of her window (Mexican or Italian – they do look alike) and why the Sicilian Princess on her rear window looked like Betty Boop.

     A couple of days later, I pulled up to a stop sign behind a snazzy silver Mustang. If I had that Mustang, I’d be having a good time, too. But this gal was cool. This gal had it all together. No rear window statements for her. No vampy silhouettes for her.

     Her license plate said it all. “BLYSFL.”

     Ahhhhh. If you’re BLYSFL you don’t care whether you’re here for a short time or a long time and you sure don’t need to be a Sicilian Princess. I envied her, in her silver Mustang.

     That lasted thirty seconds - when a bright blue BMW came out of nowhere, hesitated at the stop sign and careened off down the street, leaving BLYSFL and me in her wake, the driver’s life philosophy clearly spelled out on the license plate. “ZOMMMM.”

     So much for being BLYSFL. But what th’ heck? As long as I plan to be around for a while, I figure I might as well sample a few of these freeway philosophies.

     Today I’m going for the ZOMMMM. Tomorrow I think I’ll try the Sicilian Princess – although I’ve never heard of an Irish/English/Welsh and a little bit of Scotch Sicilian Princess. After a few days of ZOMMMM-ing and being a Sicilian Princess, I’m sure I’ll be BLYSFL, and when I’m done with all that, I plan to go out and HAVE A GOOD TIME FOR A LONG TIME.

     Care to join me?

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