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An exciting day

     Here I am. Sitting in front of the TV in the same ol' chair I always sit in. If I knew what an exciting day I was going to have, I'd prob'ly—um, go back to bed. Yep! Nothing's gonna happen today. Nada. Same ol' same ol'.

     Can't go back to bed ‘cause my coffee would get cold. Coffee! Wow! Fantastic, delicious, aroma-filling-the-room coffee! Can't wait to take a sip. Ouch!!! I burnt my tongue. Grab a piece of toast. Mmmm. Yummy cinnamon toast. Not too hot; not too cold; just right. Got to eat it slowly—has to keep me occupied 'til lunchtime. What next?

     Adventure's in the cards. Another day at the homestead. Nowhere to go but out. Where? Can't go to the supermarket. I could, but I'd have to wear that dang mask that gets me all hot and sweaty from my nose to my chin. Then I'd have to social distance from that guy that's not wearing a mask—and everyone else in sight. And I'd have to smile with my eyes so everyone knows I'm making the best of it—and I'd have to speak way louder than I normally do so the cashier could understand what I'm saying.

     Thanks. I'll stay here. I can have adventure right here, right? I'll turn off the TV—same ol' same ol' there anyway—and take an exciting trip out the door to the patio. Ah! The sun is shining. Beautiful! The clouds are floating. Gorgeous! The lizards are scampering across the block wall into the bushes. Cute! The ideal vacation getaway—for me, not the lizards. And. . . .  I can get in my fifteen minutes of walking, too. I can check my plants for new growth, new bugs, new whatever. Anything! Gee! Hard to take all this excitement in one day!

     I walk around umpteen times 'til my fifteen minutes are up. Yay! Did good! So exciting, seeing the sky; checking the greenery and the cute little lizards—and the big fat ones. Not much more happening here. Guess I'll go back inside. See what's happening there.

     Nothing. The fans are circling. I'll put a laundry in! That's. . . Oh, no. I did that yesterday. Oh! The dishwasher! Needs to be emptied. I'll get my stretching in, reaching to the top shelves of the cupboards.

     Done. That was enlightening—the dishwasher, not me. Now what? I'll call my friend. See how she's doing. So I do. She's doing what I'm doing. Nothing. She's bored. Like me. So, the scintillating conversation goes like this:

     "Hi! Thought I'd call to see how you're doing." "I'm doing fine. Thanks. How're you doing?" "Fine. We're all fine here." "What're you up to?" "Not much." "Me neither." Long silence. "Um, glad you're doing okay. Anything new happening?" "Nope. How about you?" "Nothing new here, either." Long silence. . . "Well, I'd better let you get back to. . . um, back to. . ." "Yeah. Glad you called. Talk later. Stay safe." "You, too." "Bye." "Bye."

     After that inspiring conversation I settle back in my same ol' chair. After a few minutes of sitting, I reach for my Kindle. I'll finish that book I was reading. Oh, wait! I finished it last night when I, um, didn't have anything else to do. Instead I reach for the crossword puzzle book over there on the coffee table—the one I ordered for a rainy day. Yep, the title: " Rainy Sunday Crosswords." It isn't raining and it isn't Sunday, but no one's looking, so here I go, pen in hand.

     Many hours pass. Nothing much happens. Getting stiff, sitting here. Gotta go. Almost dinner time. Time flies when you're—um, bored out of your mind.

     Thanks for sharing my exciting day. Hope yours was as exciting as mine.

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