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Afternoon delight

     Had lunch? Time for fun! We're so lucky. We get to stay home all day—for days on end. Alone. Or with a few family members we used to love so much before we got stuck at home with them for month after month after month.

     Oh. Sorry. I'm getting off track. Mind's falling to pieces with all this pandemic excitement. So afternoon's here. Clothes need to be moved to the dryer but that's no fun. Let's do that later. Got lots of time. How was lunch?

     What we need is a little excitement. We can have a party with. . .our self? Turn on the music; get out the dancing shoes; twist and twirl. Watch out for the coffee table. No? Dancing alone's not your thing? Okay. Got a good book? Any book? So fantastic to read it for the umpteenth time since March. You can almost tell the characters what to do—unless you're reading a serious exposition of society's faults. Not a good idea.

     You know what? Might as well put the clothes in the dryer. Plus, then we get to do the exotic dance of shaking out, folding and tucking them into our drawers and cupboards to the clamoring sounds of a symphony on Sirius. Couldn't ask for a more exciting thing to do. Could you? And walking out to the dryer in the garage is good exercise. Speaking of walking. . .

     Oh, wait! The mail! We can walk out to the mailbox to see if it's here. That'll be fascinating, looking to see what came in the mail. Yay! It's here. Stuffed in there, all those flyers and political ads and bargain coupons and great! Time magazine's in there, too. Perfect. We can read a little, page through Time after we toss the rest in the recycle bin. Then a. . .

     Siesta! What a grand idea! Afternoons are the expected time for a siesta and after all that strenuous work we—um, didn't do this morning, what could be more exciting than an afternoon siesta? How long has it been since you treated yourself to a lie-down in the middle of the afternoon?

     If you can't sleep, you can lie there and be bored. 'Bout the same as sitting in the living room being bored, which is always good for. . .um, not sure what it's good for but it can't hurt, can it? You can think about lots of lovely things—all the exciting adventures you're going to take after this ****** thing gets over—dining out with friends and family, going down to the harbor to watch the cruise ships, driving cross country.

     Maybe not such a good idea. Might be too much to take in one afternoon. How about another walk? There's got to be all sorts of weird stuff to see outside in the world beyond the front door. You know, people in masks walking around dodging each other, empty streets. . .

     Clothes folded. Siesta over. Mail tossed in the recycle. Where has the time gone? It's almost dinner time. Hey! I've got an idea! Grab your mask and your car keys. We can drive through McDonald's and get a burger—good healthy meal, right?—and one of their shakes. Oh. Forget the shake. I just read that McD's shakes are the worst. Got to go to Arby's for a shake if you want a good one. Vanilla or mocha, they say are best.

     And after dinner, time for a movie. At home, of course. Theaters are closed but Netflix and Hallmark are open on your iPad or TV. While you're watching you can do a few exercises to keep the body from falling asleep or getting old and creaky. Burn a few of those McDonald's calories. Or you can split the two: exercises and then the movie. Kill a little more time that way.

     See? That wasn't' so bad, was it? Can't wait 'til tomorrow!

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