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A new year. . .

     Out with the old. . . Thank goodness. What's coming next? I so want to tell you happy things and big hopes and lots of smiles to come—but I think we need to get through January first. And then we need to get to spring, or summer.

     Normalcy. Oh, how wonderful that would be! Eating out together. Visiting—in person!—with smiles on our maskless faces. Shopping in real stores. Stopping for a coffee and a chat with a friend before going home from our errands. Going on a road trip, going on vacation, going to visit far-off relatives. Going to that play that was canceled; going to baseball games. . .

     We sure did take it all for granted. Life carried us along from one day to the next, keeping us busy, fed, entertained, loved—social. Remember the stuff you got upset about? Looks like nothing now. A bit too much rain; no fresh asparagus at the store; nobody showed up for the campaign, the plumber got there late and you had to wait forty minutes!

     Bet I won't eat as much, read as much, do as many crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles. Bet I won't rely so much on my backyard for entertainment of the walking around looking at plants kind. I might keep those delivery grocery shoppers, though! They are great! Never did like grocery shopping that much—sort of a necessary chore, if you like to eat, anyway. Maybe I'll go now and then just to remember what it's like to reach for something on the top shelf and have it tumble down onto my big toe. Or search through twenty-seven kinds of cereal, with not a box of Rice Krispies in sight except for the huge, tall one that doesn't even fit in my cupboard unless I set it on its side on the top—hardest to reach—shelf.

     Instead of calling you to catch up on your life and let you know I'm thinking about you, we can meet for a slice of pie or a doughnut or better yet, a fabulous meal at Pancho's—complete with celebratory margaritas and chips.

     Maybe I'll take a trip to Yuma to see my—gasp!—great grandson, Cayson! And granddaughter, Brea. For sure I'll venture over to La Mesa to see my newest great grandson, Grayson.

     Normalcy. Worth its weight in gold. Just didn't know it until that virus attacked and refused to go away. Oh! Now I'm going to have to take that driver's test to renew my license. Shoot! No more extensions after Covid leaves.

     And the tax man cometh in April. No getting out of that. But by summer all will be well, my license in hand, taxes filed, freedom to come and go. So all in all, 2021 will be a good year. I'm betting on it!

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