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     I made it! I’m so excited! Actually I have 80 days to go before I can say, in all truth, that I made it.

     You’re not going to believe this, but I’m all excited over getting to the fantastic age of 75! I can’t believe it, either. I don’t understand it. Why would I be excited about getting so OLD??? But something inside me is celebrating already, and I’m not even there yet. Well, I’m not one to send away celebratory feelings, so YAY! I’m almost 75! Those celebratory feelings, they’re welcomed with open arms. I just try not to think too much about how crazy that is.

     You know what 75 means. Three-quarters of the way there. Twenty-five to go, according to my lifelong plan to live to a hundred. Maybe thirty-five more. . . everyone knows people are living a lot longer now.

     My dad’s 101 and fun to be with. I heard on the news about the first female to serve in World War II: she went on to the next life after 108 years on the planet. They said she was a feisty one. I guess so; I don’t think a wimp would make it that far. But then again, maybe he or she would. . .  Never underestimate anyone.

     I know. I know. My bones don’t like it much when I get up out of my chair. They don’t say anything—they just wait ’til I’m standing up and that’s when I notice I’m kind’a bent over. Quick! Straighten up! Don’t let anyone see! Fortunately, the creaking as I straighten up is silent. I think.

     About all that running and jumping and skating and riding bikes. . .  Been there; done that, but I could do it again if I wanted to. At least that’s what I tell myself—quickly followed by, “But not right now.”

     One thing I really like is Time. I was always in a hurry to get things done; now I know there’s plenty of Time. If I don’t do it today, I can always do it tomorrow. Meanwhile, I have Time to enjoy the shifting shapes of clouds above my head; Time to watch the full yellow moon slide silently behind a night cloud and then peek out from the other side a few minutes later.

     I watch the “Over a Hundred’s” talk to the TV hosts about their fun lives, now and past. I’m gonna be like that! Did you see the tiny 106 year-old dancing with the Obama’s at the White House the other night? Her cane didn’t stop her from fancy stepping, laughing and smiling the whole while. He hasn’t talked to a TV host—yet— but my dad, at 101, is fun to go to dinner with these days. He kept playing tennis into his 90’s and walking two miles a day, uphill and down, and keeps up with the news, politics and all.

     It’s a great life! We’re so lucky to live in America. We’re so lucky to live. Barring Zeus coming down from the heavens and striking me dead, I hope to see 100 or more—just not too soon. For now, 75 will do just fine.

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